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  1. terracottainn:

    For many women, their first “nude” experience is really topless sunbathing. Most first time women, are very nervous about being nude around others as they are afraid of how they will “compare” to other women.

    Women feel more comfortable being topless first than nude. Nudist reosrts could learn from this. We are one of the few in the US that is considered woman friendly and will allow a woman to topless sunbathe or go into the pool wearing a bikini bottom.

    Also if you allow topless sunbathing, you will get younger guests in their 20’s and 30’s.

    Tom wrote a good article for Huffington Post here:

    (via shareyourselfanonymouslyhere)

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    For many women, their first “nude” experience is really topless sunbathing. Most first time women, are very nervous...
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